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MontessoriU offers support for Pre-School children, with an introduction to the Montessori curriculum, promoting:

  • Independence

  • Concentration

  • Fine and Gross motor skills

  • Preparation for reading and writing

  • Counting, measuring, estimating

  • Self-Correction

  • Language development 

  • Life Skills.​

Support for school aged children.

  • Using hands on Montessori materials

  • Developing a tailored package around the individual child; and

  • Supporting their learning based on interests and preferences.

      Giving them the tools to catch up on learning lost due to Covid 

Support for Parents wishing to:

  • Assist their child’s learning journey at home                        

  • Create a Montessori friendly environment in their own homes.


 Contact us for more details or whatsapp 

07557 649165

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